Nurturing individuals to grow,
strengthen, and flourish.

Welcome to LifeROOTS formerly RCI Inc. Since 1958, LifeROOTS, a non-profit community-organization serving Albuquerque, has responded to the increasing and changing needs of children and adults with physical, developmental, and behavioral disabilities.

At LifeROOTS we focus on individuals and their specific needs. Our disabled adult clients and families have access to supported employment through job coaching and job development.  We offer children and families at NO COST early childhood intervention screenings, assessments and services from birth to age 5. We also offer other therapeutic and support services for children with disabilities including parenting classes, therapeutic and behavioral services and much more.

Our Contracts division employees offers janitorial and landscaping services to the Albuquerque government and to various local business employing individuals with disabilities. This area is ever expanding, and we will be adding more opportunities in the future.

We are committed to providing a caring environment where disabled, developmentally delayed or behaviorally challenged adults in Albuquerque, and surrounding areas will experience independence and achieve their highest potential. Whether you’re hiring a person with a disability, seeking employment for persons with disabilities, or looking for an early intervention or therapeutic children’s program, contact LifeROOTS to learn more.

LifeROOTS is grateful for the support of the many individuals and businesses that enable us to help enhance the lives of those with disabilities.  If you would like to join us on our mission to provide programs and services to children and adults with disabilities in New Mexico, there are a number of ways for you to donate.  Click here to learn about ways to give — and together let’s “Empower the Lives” and “Shape the Futures” of so many in our community.

Our Mission

We provide developmental services that promote independence to underserved and extra needs populations through the cycle of their lives.

Our Vision

LifeROOTS enriches the entire community by nurturing individuals to grow, strengthen, and flourish.